Manuel Uribe


Manuel “Xavier” Uribe is a 47 year old man from Monterrey, Mexico, who is known as one of the most obese men in history.  After reaching a peak weight of around 597 kg and having been unable to leave his bed since 2001, Uribe lost approximately 1/3 of his body weight, (about 181.8 kg) with the help of doctors and nutritionists and by following a special diet. Uribe drew worldwide attention when he appeared on Mexican television in January 2006.  He was offered surgery to help him get thinner but he rejected the offer.

Uribe has also been featured on The World’s Heaviest Man, a television documentary about his life and his battle against the disease. By October 26, 2008, Uribe had reduced his weight to 360 kg. He is still fighting to get thinner. As of February 2012, he weighed 227 kg.

Manuel currently lives in San Nicolas de los Garza, Mexico. He says that when he was a child, he was only slightly obese. When he became an adult in his 20s, his obesity became a severe problem. Manuel started selling tacos near his house. However, Manuel ended up eating the tacos instead of selling them. Manuel soon moved to the United States. In 1987, his family moved to the United States for a job. Manuel and his wife lived in Texas, where he found a job fixing typewriters. This job required Manuel to spend all day sitting at a desk. He said, “Life in the U.S. is like that. You just go from your desk to your car. I used to drive my car to and from work, so I didn’t get any exercise”.

Manuel Uribe’s weight-loss diet consists of 2,000 daily calories, with six meals (egg-white omelets, fresh salads, chicken fajitas, fish fillet with spring greens). Dr. Barry Sears, who made the diet said: “Manuel’s ability to lose more than 400 pounds without weight loss surgery is a remarkable accomplishment.”

Uribe gave diet advice to other people who were critically obese and bedridden. One example is when Uribe helped José Luis Garza a fellow Mexican who weighed 450 kg.  He used to work as a chef at a bowling alley, but had been unable to get out of his bed for four months. In an interview Garza said: “Manuel inspires me with courage and the will to live.” Uribe sent fruit and vitamins to him but sadly, Garza’s heart failed and he passed away on October 8th, 2008.

Manuel has announced plans to start an organization called the Manuel Uribe Foundation to educate Mexican people about nutrition and to fight obesity problems.

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