Manchester United



Manchester United F.C. is a famous football club that plays in the English Premier League. The club wasn’t always called Manchester United though. The club was started in 1878. It was originally called Newton Heath LYR Football Club. They only changed their name to Manchester United F.C. in 1902. They play at a stadium called Old Trafford. This stadium is the biggest football club stadium in England. There is enough room for more than 75,000 to watch a game. One of the reasons why Manchester United is so famous is because they have been very successful. They have won 20 English league titles and have won the FA Cup 11 times. They have also won several European cups.

Because they have been so successful, Manchester United is one of the richest football clubs in the world. The club makes more than 300 million pounds every year, and is the second most valuable sports team in the world. Many great football players have played for Manchester United.

Perhaps one of the most famous players in recent times was David Beckham. Beckham joined Manchester United in 1991. He was one of a group of young players including Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes who became very successful Manchester United players. These players became three of the most successful players ever to play for Manchester United.