Louis Braille

Braille is a writing system used by the blind or visually impaired. It has given millions of blind people all over the world the chance to read and write. It is named after the man who invented it, Louis Braille. His story is one of courage and determination. Braille was born in France in a village near Paris in 1809. When he was three years old, Louis Braille had an accident and lost sight in one of his eyes. This became infected and one year later he was blind in both eyes.


This didn’t stop Louis though. Braille went to a regular school with other children who could see. He was an excellent student and he got a scholarship to France’s first school for the blind. The school building wasn’t in good condition. It was over 200 years old and used to be a prison. It was dirty and damp, but this didn’t stop Braille from working hard. At this school Braille started developing his writing system. In 1824, at only 15 years old, Braille had developed his new code for the French alphabet. Braille didn’t stop there. He continued working hard to improve his system. Nowadays, braille is used all over the world. Blind or visually impaired people around the world have benefited from the amazing work of Louis Braille.

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