Los Angeles

Los Angeles (also called L.A.) is a city in the United States of America. It is located in southern California. There are about four million people that live in the city, and over 18 million people in the L.A. region. The city has an area of 1200 square kilometers. L.A. has the second largest population of any city in the USA, the first being New York City. It is the largest city in California.

The weather is usually warm and dry during the summer, and it is cool and rainy in the winter. The weather is usually cooler near the sea, so the beaches do not get as hot in the summer. It is very rare for temperatures to go below freezing. The city doesn’t get a lot of rain each year, although the amount can change from year to year.

L.A. has many famous sights. There are many very long beaches, such as Venice Beach. Many visitors go to Hollywood, home to the Hollywood Walk of Fame or visit the famous SeaWorld. Los Angeles also has many fine museums such as the L.A. County Museum of Art and the Getty Museum.