Long Beaches

The second longest beach in the world is located in Bangladesh. It is called the Cox Bazar Beach. It is an incredible 240 kilometers long.  Local people call the beach Panowa. Panowa means ‘yellow flower‘. This beach is one of the main tourist attractions in Bangladesh. People say that the beach has three sections. Each section is good for a different activity. The first is called Inani Beach. This section is very good for sunbathing. The second is called Humchari. Here there are some beautiful waterfalls. The final section is called Laboni Beach.  This is the main section of Cox Bazar Beach because it is located near the town.


The longest beach in the world is in Brazil. It is called the Praia do Cassino Beach. It is very long. In fact, it stretches all the way from Rio Grande to the border with Uruguay. At 252 kilometers long, it is 12 kilometers longer than the Cox Bazar Beach. It is known for its beautiful white sand and the warm temperatures of Brazil. Many visitors go there each year. Some people like to swim and sunbathe, but the more active visitors can play beach volleyball. However, the most popular activity is surfing. People travel from all over the world to surf on this beach.