Leonardo da Vinci

He was born on April 15 in 1452. He became one of the most famous people around the world. He is perhaps most famous for his painting the Mona Lisa. His name in English means Leonard from the town of Vinci. Do you know who he is? He is, of course, Leonardo da Vinci. He is one of the most famous artists in the world. He was not only an artist though. He was a scientist, an engineer, an inventor, and much more.


Leonardo da Vinci painted many pictures that he didn’t complete. He also destroyed a lot of his paintings. He drew pictures and made plans for many things. He invented the bicycle 300 years before a bicycle was ever built. He drew pictures of the first airplane, helicopter, tank, motorcar, and many more. He drew maps of Europe and even designed a bridge that could move. He was a truly talented man. Leonardo is thought to be the father of modern science.

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