The World of Lego


Lego is a popular toy construction set. Lego toys are a set of plastic bricks. You can put the bricks together to make new things. Kids can build vehicles, buildings, and even working robots from the bricks. The bricks come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. If you can imagine something, you can build it with Lego. Lego is the company that manufactures Lego toys. The company is from Denmark.  The word “Lego” is from the Danish words “leg godt”. This means “play well” in Danish. A Danish carpenter started making the toys from wood in 1932.


Some popular Lego sets are space vehicles, town buildings, and pirate ships. Some Lego sets are small and have only a few dozen bricks.  Other Lego sets are huge and people spend many hours building them. The famous Millennium Falcon spaceship from Star Wars is one of Lego’s biggest sets. It has over 5,195 bricks! The instruction manual is 311 pages long. When Lego released it in 2007, the Millennium Falcon was the biggest Lego set they ever made. Since then, Lego has made an even bigger set. In 2008, Lego started to sell a model of the Taj Mahal, a big building in India. The Taj Mahal set has 5,922 bricks! Lego continues to be a fun hobby for children and even some adults.