Kimchi is a traditional Korean side dish. It is made from vegetables. It can be a little spicy and sour tasting. It is usually stored underground in a jar for several months to ferment. The most common vegetable used is cabbage, but there are many different varieties of kimchi. These use different kinds of vegetables. Some other varieties use radish or cucumber as the main ingredient. It is a very healthy dish. Here are five reasons to eat kimchi.

  1. Kimchi contains garlic. This helps people with high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

  2. Kimchi has a lot of Vitamin A. This can clean your body and help your eyesight.

  3. Kimchi has a chemical that makes your skin and hair look more beautiful.

  4. Kimchi can help you lose weight. 100 grams contains about 25 calories.

  5. The chemicals in Kimchi can make you look younger.

These are five very good reasons to try kimchi!