Imagine – John Lennon

John Lennon is probably one of the most famous singer songwriters of all time. He was the co-founder of probably the world’s most famous group, the Beatles. He was born on October 9, 1940 in Liverpool, England. He also wrote and performed one of the most popular and well-known songs of all time, Imagine. This song was John Lennon’s bestselling solo single. The words in the song encourage people to imagine a peaceful world. John Lennon asks listeners to imagine a world without borders, or differences in religion and nationality. He also asks the listener to imagine a world where people didn’t own things. John Lennon believed the world would be a better place if it were like this.


The song has sold more than 1.6 million copies in the UK. It was not released as a single until 1975. It made it to number six in the UK music charts. It was then released again after Lennon’s murder in December 1980 and it reached number one. Rolling Stone magazine described Imagine as Lennon’s “greatest musical gift to the world”. The same magazine also ranked the song at number three in their 500 greatest songs of all time.

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