Most people have heard of these homes made of snow.  But did you know these five fun facts about them?

  1. The word “igloo” actually means “home” in Inuit language. These are temporary houses that can be made anywhere. Many of the Inuit are nomadic, which means they spend their entire lives traveling.  As a result, “home” became any place they could make an igloo!

  1. Igloos can actually be quite warm. Even though they are often made of snow, igloos are not very cold inside. Even when the temperature is -30 degrees Celsius outside, the temperature in an igloo can near 15 degrees above.  Some Inuit use animal skins to keep the warm air in.

  1. Some igloos can be very large. In fact, there are igloos that can hold up to 20 people in them. They can also have up to five rooms.  Even though most igloos look very tiny, they can actually be quite big inside.

  1. Some igloos have windows. It is common to use a block of ice for a window. These are usually put over the entrance.  Having a window allows the people inside to see if there is any danger before leaving the safety of the igloo.  No one wants to be surprised by a polar bear as they leave their home!

  1. It takes between 3 to 6 hours to build a small igloo. They need to be built with hard packed snow. Large blocks of snow are used on the bottom.  The snow blocks get smaller as you build higher.  When it is finished, you’ll need to dig the snow out from the inside.  It is a lot of hard work!

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