Common English Idioms


Idioms are when a group of words are used together to make a meaning that is difficult to guess. Many learners find these difficult to understand and to remember. However, they can be very useful and interesting to learn. Let’s take a look at three common idioms in English. Have you ever heard someone tell you something is a piece of cake? This idiom has nothing to do with eating! It actually means that something is very easy to complete. For example, you might hear someone say that their homework was a piece of cake. This actually means that their homework was easy to do.

What would you do if someone told you that they had let the cat out of the bag? This idiom has nothing to do with cats or bags. The real meaning of let the cat out of the bag is that a secret that was supposed to be kept has been told. A final funny idiom that often confuses learners is when pigs fly! I’m sure you have never seen a flying pig, have you? This idiom actually means that something will never happen. Good luck learning English idioms. Some are very difficult, but with a little practice you’ll find some of them a piece of cake!