Hounds for Heroes


Hounds for Heroes is a charity in England. The purpose of Hounds for Heroes is to provide and train dogs to help men and women who have been injured in wars. Some of these people have lost arms or legs. Others might have difficulty managing their emotions.

The charity carefully selects puppies and trains them to help people. The training takes a long time. Each puppy spends about two years in training. The puppies learn how to open doors, use cash machines and even help their owners do shopping.

The charity was started by Allen Parton. He was injured in Iraq in 1991. Allen had a dog called Endal. When Allen got a severe head injury, Endal helped him to recover. Allen said his dog was like a best friend. There are currently over 900,000 injured soldiers in England, and Allen wants these people to have special dogs to help them get healthy again.