Homestay Tips & Advice


A homestay is when a student from one country lives with a family in the host country. There are many advantages to doing a homestay. First, a homestay is not just to give the visitor a place to stay. It can be a cultural exchange. It can create a good learning experience for both the student and the host family. Some home stays are just for a few days or weeks, but some families take students into their homes for longer periods. Sometimes students stay for a whole semester or vacation. During this time, both the student and the host family can learn real and interesting things about each other’s cultures.

Another benefit of home stays is the cost. For the student it can be much cheaper than other types of accommodation. Some homestay families even provide meals and take the students on day trips. Finally, living with a homestay family gives the student the chance to practice speaking. Chatting with their host family is often one of the highlights for students who do a homestay. It is low pressure and a chance to listen to real language being used in real situations. A home stay is an experience that every language learner should have the opportunity to try.