Google Searches

Google Search, or Google is a web search engine. It is now the most popular search engine, and more than three billion searches are done on Google every day. The most common searches are for websites, images, apps, maps, and news, but Google has many other features. People use Google to reach for word definitions, the weather, sports scores, conversions, movie show times, and much more. You can also use Google to try some unusual and funny searches. Let’s have some Google fun!

If you want to know a little about gravity, why not type “Google gravity” into the search bar and click “I’m feeling lucky”? The Google logo, the search bar, and all the buttons will go crashing down to the bottom of the page! Try it!

Another interesting “I’m feeling lucky” search is “Google underwater”. If you search for this and press “I’m feeling lucky”, the Google search page will turn into an aquarium with fish swimming in it.