Gold is a shiny metal. It has the chemical symbol Au, and it is numbered 79 on the periodic table of elements. People have always been interested in this precious metal, but why do people love gold so much?

One reason gold is so precious is that not many chemicals can attack it. Even if it is buried underground for a very long time, it will still look shiny when it is dug up. Gold is also a very heavy metal. It is almost 20 times heavier than water. It is also a very soft metal. It can be beaten very thin. Just one gram of gold can be beaten to make a one square meter sheet. If you had three grams of gold, you could make a wire almost 10 kilometers long. Also, 100% pure gold is so soft you could mold it with your hands.

Gold is also expensive. At the moment, one ounce (about 31 grams) of gold is worth more than $1000 dollars. Although there are more expensive metals in the world, gold has always been man’s favorite.

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