Many people believe this food can prevent heart disease, cancer, the flu, and common colds. People in the past thought it was good for toothache. It can also reduce the cholesterol in your blood. It is even said that it can keep away evil spirits and vampires. What is it this magical food? Garlic of course! Garlic is used around the world to add flavor to food or even as a side dish. It has been used by humans for eating and medicine for 7000 years. Its strong flavor and smell make it easy to identify.

It is a member of the onion family and people usually eat the bulb. You can eat other parts of the garlic plant though. Some people eat garlic leaves and flowers. The flavor of these is not as strong as the bulbs. Are you a fan of garlic? It has very few calories, and is very healthy! If you don’t eat much garlic, it might be a good idea to add it to your diet.