Gadgets – Beginner

A gadget is a small piece of electronic equipment that does a particular job. Examples of gadgets could be cameras, watches, cell phones or computers. According to the BBC News, British people throw away 17.5 million gadgets each year. Old gadgets like cell phones, computers and cameras are being thrown in the bin and end up being buried in the ground. This is causing problems for the environment.


Environmental groups that want to help save the planet are worried that people are not recycling enough. An environmental group called Waste Watch is encouraging people to use recycling services at phone shops and supermarkets instead of throwing gadgets in the bin. Brad Smith, who works at Waste Watch said, “Too many people throw their old electronic equipment in the trash. They don’t know that these gadgets can be recycled and reused by other people.” There are over 10, 000 places to recycle gadgets in Britain. If more people start to use them it can make a big difference to the environment.