Food & Health Myths


New information about food and health products seems to materialize every day.  Newspapers regularly have articles that discuss how certain foods or drinks are good or bad for you.  Some television shows often dwell on new stories about how consuming certain substances can affect your body.  With such a steady stream of information, it’s understandable that a few popular myths about food and health are floating around out there.


One popular myth about food and health is that eggs are bad for your heart.  Although they are indeed high in cholesterol and fat, it’s not true that eating eggs every day will damage your heart.  This is because the body can deal with the extra cholesterol by reducing the amount it produces.  As far as fat goes, it’s the egg yolk that contains all the fat.  So if you’re worried about the fat content of eggs go ahead and just eat the whites.  You might also choose to buy certain kinds of eggs that have less fat content depending on the diet of the animal.  Check your local supermarket for more information.


Another popular idea about diet and health is that drinking red wine is especially good for your heart.  Although it was once thought to have unique properties, other types of alcohol can have the same benefits.  A study conducted at the University of Texas revealed that people who drank red wine did not live any longer than those who drank other kinds of spirits, such as beer or white wine.  It seems that the alcohol itself improves an individual’s health by raising the levels of good cholesterol and decreasing bad cholesterol.  The alcohol also serves to increase blood flow and assist in blood clotting.


There are many other myths about food and health that are common in our society.  Consumers who are especially concerned about their health should think carefully about new information they read about or see on television.