Food Banks


Food banks are places that store food and donate it to needy people. There are basically two kinds of food banks. One type of food bank gives food directly to those people in need. The other type of food bank stores the food, and gives it to other places that feed people without enough money to buy food.

Food banks often appeal for donations by performing a “food drive”. This is an event where people are encouraged to come and donate food. Some sports teams, for example, require that fans attending a game donate food to get in the stadium. Food drives are also often held during special holidays such as Christmas or Thanksgiving. Food banks are usually very busy at this time of year and need extra donations to help out.

The need for food banks is rapidly increasing. In the UK, two food banks are opened every week. One food bank network went from having 20 food banks in 2008 to 100 food banks in 2011. Governments around the world are reforming their social welfare programs. This means less money for the needy to spend on essentials such as food. Some corporations and businesses offer such small salaries that employees must rely on food banks to cover the shortfall.