Five Bizarre Foods

One man’s meat is another man’s poison – Five Bizarre Foods

Have you ever heard the proverb one man’s meat is another man’s poison? It is a proverb that means something one person likes very much can be something that another person does not like at all. Here are five foods that might seem bizarre to some people, but delicious to others. Are they your meat or your poison?


This is a Scottish dish that contains the internal organs of a sheep. It includes the liver, the heart, and the lungs. This is mixed with onions, raw fat, salt, and spices.

A Fried Brain Sandwich

A fried-brain sandwich is a sandwich made with sliced calves’ brains. It became a popular dish in St. Louis, Missouri, USA in the late 1880s.


Fugu is a Japanese poisonous puffer fish. If you eat the poison of this fish, it can kill you. Only specially-trained chefs can prepare this fish because it is so dangerous.

Fried Spider

Fried spider is a delicacy in some parts of Cambodia. The spiders are fried and usually only the legs are eaten.


Sannakji is a Korean dish. It is made with live nakji (small octopuses) that have been cut into small pieces. They are usually still moving on the plate when this dish is served. They are usually seasoned with sesame and sesame oil.