Fireworks Competitions

Fireworks are small explosive rockets that are shot into the sky.  Fireworks are over 1400 years old!  The Chinese were the first to use them.  Fireworks were shot off during festivals.  Since then, they have also been used in war.  In the 13th century, the Arabs learned about fireworks from the Chinese.  By the 1600s, Europeans began to use them.  Nowadays, fireworks are used all over the world.

There are several huge fireworks competitions held every year. The Montreal Fireworks Festival is one of the most famous of these.  Since 1985, it has taken place every summer.  About 3 million people come to watch the competition.  Around 6,000 fireworks are shot off during the competition.  Teams from around the world come to Montreal, Canada and try to make the best fireworks display.  Each week, one of the teams gets one evening to show off their fireworks program.  The competition can run over the course of five or six weeks.  Spectators can see the fireworks from all around Montreal.  If you love seeing fireworks, you might be interested in spending a summer there!