Final Fantasy


Final Fantasy is a video game series made by a company called Square Enix. These are roleplaying games where the player controls a group of heroes that tries to defeat evil. The first game was made in 1987. There are now more than fourteen games in the series. The series became popular when Square Enix released Final Fantasy VII in 2005 for the Sony PlayStation.

In this game, a big corporation tries to steal life from a planet called Gaia to get energy. The main character, Cloud Strife, joins with a group of adventurers called AVALANCHE who try to stop it. The player guides the party through the world’s three large areas. They meet new people and defeat the evil Sepiroth, the game’s villain. There are surprising plot twists throughout the game. The story in Final Fantasy is complex and it is like watching a good movie.

The main characters have deep relationships. They find out about their own past and who they are. Many players say that the story and the characters make the game interesting. Some also claim that it is a classic in video game history. After Final Fantasy VII, Square Enix has tried to make the sequels even better. Square Enix has changed the setting and the characters in the newer games but they have kept telling great stories with interesting characters.