Fast Facts about Ferrari


Ferrari is an Italian luxury sports car maker. The company is based in the northern Italian town of Maranello. The company was started in 1929 by Enzo Ferrari. It first made racing cars, but in 1947 it started making road cars. The first road car made by Ferrari was the 125 S sports car. This beautiful car was released on May 11, 1947. In 1949 Ferrari started to sell their first touring car. It was called the Ferrari 166 Inter. This is definitely not the fastest car Ferrari has ever made. It has a 2-litre V12 engine, and can reach a top speed of just over 165km per hour.


However, if you wanted to buy one of these cars today, it would cost you a lot of money. A few years ago one was put on sale for about $1.2 million. This is rather cheap though compared with the price of other classic Ferraris. The Ferrari GTO was voted as the most beautiful Ferrari by Forbes magazine. There were only 39 of these cars ever made, and they were all produced between 1962 and 1964. Most Ferrari fans would agree that the GTO is a stunning car. However, you would have to be very wealthy to buy one. The fashion designer Ralph Lauren and the musician Nick Mason from the group Pink Floyd both own one of these. It is easy to understand why you would need to be rich to own one when you see the price. Recently a GTO was sold for more than $31 million dollars!