Tea Facts

Tea is the second most popular drink in the world. There are many different kinds of tea. It is not known if tea was first grown in China or India, but according to old Chinese legends, it came from India. It is thought that tea was used in India as early as 750 BC. Here are five fun facts about this hugely popular drink.

  1. Tea bags were invented in America. They were first used to store samples of tea sent from India.

  2. More than 95 percent of all cups of tea are now made using tea bags.

  3. Tea leaves are a good natural way of keeping mosquitoes away from you. If you apply damp leaves to your skin, the mosquitoes will keep away from you.

  4. Tea has about half the amount of caffeine that coffee has.

  5. China is the biggest producer of tea. It makes almost 30 percent of the world’s tea.