7 Interesting Facebook Facts


I’ve got one. You’ve probably got one too. What is it? A Facebook account!

If you’ve seen the movie “The Social Network”, you might think you know everything about Facebook. But here are some interesting things about the website that you might not know!

1) There are more than 750 million Facebook users.

2) One magazine voted Facebook as one of the best companies in the world to work at. 93% of Facebook employees say they would recommend working there.

3) Facebook made over $7 billion USD in 2013. $2.3 billion of that money was from advertising alone!

4) People with smartphones usually check Facebook about 14 times per day.

5) The Facebook page and logo is blue because the founder of Facebook is color-blind. He finds it easiest to see blue.

6) Facebook will pay people who find security problems with their website. The company pays at least $500 US dollars if someone can find a problem and report it to them. Some people have become professionals and spend their entire day looking for Facebook “bugs”.

7) The United States, Brazil, and India are the three countries with the most Facebook users. The United States has over 168 million members while Brazil and India both have about 63 million Facebook users.