Dog Camps

Dog camps are an alternative dog boarding accommodation to traditional kennels. Regular kennels keep dogs in an individual cage for most of the day. Being kept in a cage while the dog owner is on vacation can be rather stressful for dogs. However, dog camps are very different. They are a new idea and are becoming quite popular with dog owners in the United States, Britain and Canada. At these camps, dogs can play and socialize with other dogs throughout the day. The dogs can play both indoors and outdoors. As they play, they are supervised by people. The dogs can join in many activities. Activities at dog camps include running, fetching balls, digging holes, chasing other dogs, and paw ball. Paw ball is a dog sport a little like soccer.

There are several benefits to dog camps over traditional kennels. First, the dogs can all get good exercise. Dog camps are usually located in the countryside and there are often lots of spaces for them to run around. In addition, the dogs can socialize. Dogs are social animals, so this can be a good experience for them. Reports have also shown that these camps can reduce the stress of a dog. This is especially true for dogs that live in an urban area. Some camps even have places for people to stay. This means the dog and its owner can get to spend some time in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

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