DJ Earworm


There were many huge hit pop songs in 2014. Some of them had cheerful lyrics and a fast beat while others were slow with sad lyrics. Do you have a favorite?  Well, DJ Earworm has mixed together 25 of the most popular songs of the year into one single song. Mixing songs in this way is known as a mash up. DJ Earworm’s mash up is called the United State of Pop 2014 (Do What You Wanna Do).

Included on the single is the upbeat song Shake it Off by Taylor Swift. He also uses the piano music from the slower song Say Something by A Great Big World. DJ Earworm’s real name is Jordan Roseman. Jordan started making mash up songs in 2003.  At that time most other mash ups were just mixes of two songs. For example, an artist would take the Capella of one song and an instrumental of another and put them together. DJ Earworm has an interesting mashup style where he gradually adds song samples over each other. If you have a moment, check out the United State of Pop 2014 and see how many songs from 2014 you can recognize.