Curling – Low Intermediate

Curling is a popular ice sport in many northern countries. Although it is played all over the world and it is an Olympic sport, not many people really understand the rules. Actually, curling is a very simple and fun game and here’s how it is played!

Curling is played on a straight sheet of ice that is about 46 meters long. Each end of the ice has four painted circles called a “house”. The object of the game is to slide your stones on the ice as close as you can to the center of the circle. The center of the circle is called a “button”.

The game is played by two teams of 4 people each. The leader of each team is called a “skip”. Each person on the team takes turns “throwing” (sliding) two stones down the ice towards the house. After a person on one team throws a stone, a player from the other team throws a stone. As it speeds down the ice, players from the same team will help to guide the stone towards its target. They use brooms to “sweep” the ice so it will speed up or change direction. This slow change in direction makes the stone “curl” left or right, which is why the sport is called “curling”.

After both teams throw all their stones, the players inspect the house to see which team’s stone is closest to the button. Each stone that is closer to the button than the opponent’s nearest stone counts as a point.