A Guide to Saving with Coupons




Using coupons is a great way to save money when shopping for groceries and other goods.  Often a coupon can mean the difference between paying full price for something and getting it for free!  Keen shoppers know how best to find, organize, and use their coupons to get the best deals and save loads of cash.  Here are some tips from those coupon “pros” so you can take advantage of those special deals on your next shopping trip.

First, you need to find the coupons out there that you can use.  Your local newspaper’s weekend edition is a very good place to start as it offers deals in your immediate area.  You can almost certainly find more coupons at the store itself.  Check the store entrance for free flyers, which are usually full of coupons.  There might even be some coupons for various products in the store along the various aisles near the merchandise.  Another great resource for coupons is the Internet.  There are some incredibly useful websites which allow you to search for coupons in certain stores or locations.  This makes it easier to find only the coupons that apply to you.

After you get all your coupons printed or clipped, it’s time to organize them.  Many people use envelopes to hold their coupons but it might be hard to find the one coupon you’re looking for as you’re hurriedly making your way through the checkout.  To get around this problem, you can buy and use special coupon binders that will help keep your coupon collection neat. For example, you could use them to order your coupons by their expiry dates to serve as a reminder of when to use them.  You could also use the binder to separate the coupons according to the stores at which they can be used.  Finally, the binder makes it easier to keep your coupons up to date.  You can quickly go through it to find and remove old expired coupons as you add in new ones.

Last but not least, you need to double-check you understand what kind of deals your coupons are really offering.  Remember to read the fine print on the back of your coupons so you know how best to use them.  Some coupons are only valid on certain days or when used with along with other purchases.  You might only be able to use one of the coupons during one trip to the store.