If you want a really unusual vacation, you might like to visit Churchill!  A small town of only 813 people, Churchill is located in the far north of Manitoba, a province of Canada.  This remote area is a great place for tourists to see and do things they could never do anywhere else.

Churchill offers an amazing view of the aurora borealis.  Locals say the best time to see them is during the late winter months, from January to March.  Some travel magazines have ranked Churchill as one of the top 3 places in the world to view the aurora borealis or Northern Lights, as they are more commonly called.  Don’t worry about the cold temperatures!  You can sit inside a nice heated “aurora dome” to get a view of the lights.  There are also aurora tours where local guides will help you find the best time and place to see the northern lights.

Churchill is also a great place to see polar bears.  From October to early November, many polar bears arrive near Churchill to wait for the water on the nearby Hudson Bay to freeze over so they can hunt.  There are special busses called “tundra buggies” that tourists can ride out of town to safely see the polar bears.  Sometimes, polar bears wander into town and Churchill has built a “polar bear jail” where these animals are kept safe until they are released back into the wilderness.  People in Churchill often do not lock their car doors so that people can escape from any polar bears that come into town.