Chinese Money

Do you know what the currency of China is? The official currency of China is the renminbi. It is also known as the yuan. Renminbi is the official term for the money whereas yuan is a more casual term.  Renminbi means ‘people’s currency’. There are 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 renminbi bank notes.

They are all different sizes and colors. On the front they all have a picture of Chairman Mao Zedong. On the back of all the notes is a picture of a famous site in China. On the back of the 100 yuan note for example is a picture of the Great Hall of the People in Tiananmen Square in Beijing, and on the back of the 5 yuan note there is a picture of Tai Shan Mountain. The currency code for the yuan is CNY and the symbol used is ¥.