British Slang 8

What is slang?

Slang is the use of very informal words and expressions. They are usually not considered standard language, but are often used in spoken language. Certain slang words are usually used by a particular group of people. Slang words and expressions are always changing and evolving, and words that are used a lot also change from year to year.

Here are some examples of British slang. As you work through these lessons you will notice they go in alphabetical order. Lesson 8 below has words starting with the letter S.

As sick as a parrot: This phrase means to feel sad or disappointed. An example would be: “I heard he failed his driving test. How is he feeling?” “As sick as a parrot.”

Skint: This means to have no money or to be broke. An example would be: “are you coming shopping this weekend?” No, I’m skint.”

Sorted: Sorted means it has been arranged or fixed. An example would be: “My car broke down yesterday, but it’s sorted now.”

Snookered: This means to be in a bad situation. Perhaps a situation that is difficult to get out of.