Boxing Day

On December 26th, many countries have Boxing Day.  What is Boxing Day and why do we have it?  First of all, Boxing Day happens in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica, and several other former British colonies.   It is not celebrated in the United States.  Generally, Boxing Day is a national holiday.  Nothing really special happens on Boxing Day.  People usually think of Boxing Day as a nice relaxing day after a busy Christmas.  Even in the countries that celebrate Boxing Day, many people don’t really know the reason for it.

The history of Boxing Day goes back to the 19th century.  People who worked in certain jobs received a Christmas box from their bosses.  Usually the box had money, food, or a present inside.  Most of the people who got this box were servants who worked in their boss’ homes.  The day after Christmas, it was a tradition for the boss to give the servants the Christmas box.  The servants were then allowed to go to their own homes and see their families.  This tradition of giving Christmas boxes ended a long time ago but people still celebrate Boxing Day.  It is not a religious holiday either.  However, people are still happy to have a quiet day to relax after a busy Christmas Day!