Being a Sports Team Captain

The position of team captain is only given to people who are trusted and respected by others on the team. It is a high pressure position. The captain must take the blame when the team doesn’t play well. Managers and coaches also expect a lot of the team captain.

There are many things that a sports team captain must do.  They need to help make game plans with the manager or coach.  They also need to make sure all the players do their best during practice and training.  If their team is losing a big game, the captain must help it by advising his teammates.  A good team captain also needs to stay confident when the team is having a bad season or on a losing streak of games.  Most importantly, the captain needs to be a model for his teammates by setting an example.  This means that a captain must always behave well even if he is feeling tired or unhappy.

No one is born a great captain, but you can become a great captain. Experience will help you become a better captain. Coaches can also train their team captains to become better leaders.  It is hard work to be a team captain but helping other players can be very rewarding and fun.