Bear Grylls


Bear Grylls is a famous TV personality. He is also an adventurer. He combined these two skills in his TV show called Man vs. Wild. In this show, Grylls travels to remote and sometimes wild places to show people how they could survive there. People who watch the show are often shocked by the things he does to survive.

One of the things that shocks people the most is the strange foods he eats. He said in an interview that the worst thing he ever ate was the male organ of a goat! He ate this without it being cooked too!

Grylls is also a world record holder. On May 15, 2007, Grylls set a world record when he became the first person to fly over Mount Everest using a paraglider. He did this to raise money for the charity Global Angels Foundation. In total he raised over $1 million for this charity.