Ayers Rock / Uluru


One of the most beautiful world heritage sites is Ayers Rock. This impressive site is also known by the Aboriginal name of Uluru. It is located close to the center of Australia. Ayers Rock is about 350 meters high. The rock also goes even further underground. Visitors can climb Ayers Rock, but it is suggested that you think carefully about climbing it before you do so. The climbing route is an important path for Aboriginal people. In their tradition, only some people should walk that path on special occasions.


It is also very difficult to climb Ayers Rock. Many people have been hurt, and more than 30 people have died climbing it. It might be better to walk around the rock. This takes about two or three hours because the footpath is 10 km long. One thing every visitor should do is see the rock at sunrise or sunset. At this time the color of the rock appears to change to a beautiful violet/blue color. Everyone who experiences this beauty will tell you it is one of the most amazing sites you will ever see.