Apple Bobbing

Apple bobbing is a traditional game played on Halloween. It used to be very popular, but nowadays it is not played by as many people. Here is how the game is played. First, people take a large bowl or tub. Then they fill it with water. They then place apples into the water. The apples will float on top of the water. The players then have to try and get an apple out of the water.


It sounds easy, doesn’t it? There is a catch though! The people who try to get an apple can’t use their hands. They can only use their mouths. They have to put their head into the water and bite an apple. It is not easy to do! It is usually children who play this game, and they get very wet.


Nobody really knows where or when this game was first played. It probably started in Britain or Ireland, and it was played a few hundred years ago. Some people also believe apples were used to tell peoples futures, so it might have been a game to tell your fortune.