Animal Crossing


Animal Crossing is a video game for the Nintendo game consoles.  The game is from Japan.  It is called “Dobutsu no Mori” in Japanese.  This means “Animal Forest” in English.  In the game, the player moves to a small village in the countryside.  There is no real goal in the game.  Players can do whatever they want.  They can collect things, go fishing, grow a garden, and talk to others in the village.

Talking animals live in the village.  They have their own unique personalities.  Some of them are lazy and others are very active.  Some of the villagers are kind while other villagers are not very nice.  Each villager has a house, a job, and hobbies.  If you like a villager, you can talk to them, play a game with them, or help them fix a problem.

Time passes in the game at the same rate as it does in the real world.  This means that one minute in the game goes by at the same speed as time in real life.   You do not have to hurry through the game.  It is very different from other games because it is supposed to be relaxing.  It is never boring.  There are always many things to do and people to meet in every Animal Crossing game!