Angry Birds


Angry Birds is a game for smartphones made by Rovio Entertainment. The player controls different kinds of birds. They need to shoot the birds at pigs. When all the pigs are gone from the screen, the player advances to the next stage. The player controls the speed and angle for launching the birds. The birds can do different things. Some of them can drop eggs and others will explode in the air.  The popular game was also released on consoles like the PlayStation. Some people say that the smartphone is better for controlling the game.

Angry Birds is free to download. If you pay a small amount of money, you can get access to more levels. Gamers have downloaded the free version of Angry Birds more than 30 million times. In all, people around the world play about 5 million hours of the game each day. Rovio Entertainment has made many new versions and sequels of the Angry Birds game. For example, there is an Angry Birds Star Wars game where all the birds are Star Wars movie characters. In 2010, a popular gaming website named Angry Birds as the best iPhone game of all time. There are many Angry Birds products like toys, clothes, and books. Angry Birds is now a cartoon and will soon be a movie.