The Beauty of Angkor Wat


One of the most beautiful places in the world has to be Angkor in Cambodia. Probably the most famous site to see in Angkor is the temple complex called Angkor Wat. Angkor Wat is located near the town of Siam Reap. Work to build the temples started in the 12th century, and they were originally built for King Suryavarman II. People who visit Angkor Wat cannot believe how beautiful it is. The design is an example of classical Khmer Architecture and has to be seen to be believed.

Many people are also amazed at the size of Angkor Wat. The site covers about 500 acres. That is about the same size as 380 football fields! Another reason the temples are so amazing is the wonderful decorations on them. Angkor Wat was chosen as a world heritage site in 1992. Since then, many tourists have visited Angkor Wat. If you have the chance, you should definitely visit this wonderful place and experience the beauty for yourself.