A Guide to Cheap Airfares


Traveling is becoming more expensive and it is getting more difficult to find cheap airline tickets. Below is some advice from a travel expert. There are 4 ways to save money when you buy an airline ticket.

1. Buy a ticket in advance. If you buy your ticket a few weeks before you travel, it is usually cheaper. Sometimes you can get a ticket 10 percent cheaper by buying in advance.

2. Fly early in the morning.  The cheapest flights are usually in the morning. This means you will have to wake up early, but you can save money. The next cheapest time to fly is around lunchtime.

3. Use the Internet. Usually you can buy cheaper tickets online. It is a good idea to use a website that compares prices for you. It is also better to check airline websites yourself. Then you can get the cheapest flights.

4. Fly on Wednesdays. The cheapest day to fly is on Wednesday. Fewer people want to fly on Wednesday, so the price is lower. The most expensive days to fly are Fridays and Sundays.