Adjective Order

Adjectives are words that describe someone (a person) or something (a noun). It is quite common to use two adjectives in a sentence. For example: a beautiful new dress / a fast red car

In English, adjectives that give a general opinion are usually put before adjectives that give a specific opinion. For example: a nice hot drink

It is useful to remember that adjectives usually come in this order:

1. General opinion adjectives

General opinion adjectives explain what you think about something. For example: strange, beautiful, difficult

2. Specific opinion adjectives

Specific opinion adjectives also explain what you think about something. For example: tasty, comfortable, intelligent

3. Size adjectives

Size adjectives explain how big or small something is. For example: large, huge, massive, small

4. Age adjectives

Age adjectives explain how young or old something or someone is. For example: young, new, old

5. Shape adjectives

Shape adjectives explain the shape of something. For example: round, square, flat

6. Color adjectives

Color adjective explain the color of something. For example: blue, red, black

7. Nationality adjectives

Nationality adjective explain where something comes from. For example: British, Australian, Japanese

8. Material adjectives

Material adjectives explain what something is made from. For example: metal, wooden, paper