How to Use the Site

If you’re new to, you might find it a little confusing to use at first.   Here are a few steps to follow:

First off, there is no site registration for users.  That’s right!  You can access our entire library of free EFL/ESL reading materials and lessons without the need to sign up for anything.

There are two simple ways so access our entire library of free EFL/ESL readings.  From the front page, you can just click on an image or the “View Lesson” button next to any article you’re interested in reading.  If you want go through our lesson archives, just click on your level (Beginner, Lower through Higher Intermediate, or Advanced).  You’ll find a list of topics on the left with the number of lessons available in that topic in brackets.  Click on the topic you want to read about and you should see a list of lessons come up on the right.  Just click on “View Lesson” and you’ll be taken straight to one of our free EFL/ESL reading lessons.  Enjoy!