Future Updates

You may have noticed that we have 25 free English reading lessons available online right now but that’s just the beginning!  We’ll continue to update the site starting from November of this year with five more readings per month.  You can look forward to new topics such as Money, University Life, and History in the near future.  We’ll also be adding free English reading practice lessons to our current topics.  At dreamreader.net, we’re trying hard to provide you with articles that are not only helpful but also interesting and fun to read.   We hope you tune in each month to practice the new lessons and review the previous English reading lessons.  When you feel ready, try the more difficult lessons in the next level.

Vocabulary practice is one of the most important things to do in order to help your reading improve.  Make sure to download the free vocabulary worksheet provided with each lesson and fill in the sheets with any new words that you have learned in the article.

Finally, we will be adding a unique feedback feature for each lesson in the near future.  We won’t spoil the surprise but we’re sure you’ll enjoy the style and method of feedback we provide for each of our free English reading practice lessons.  Thanks for tuning in and please like us on Facebook for future updates!