EFL Sensei – An Excellent Resource

If you’re a teacher looking for great lessons, you can find them here on our site by downloading the PDFs beside each English lesson (and don’t forget the audio too!).  You can also find some excellent English activities at EFL Sensei (www.eflsensei.com).  The thing I like most about this site is just how easy it is to use.  And, like dreamreader.net, EFL Sensei was built by two teachers who were looking to help others with by providing a website to help busy teachers and students.


This month, we’ve written a lesson plan for our Academic English article on the Masai (Just click HERE for the link ).  This lesson uses the article to get students thinking and talking about aspects of their own culture.  There are several questions that students can ask their partners to help get them interested in the lesson and using English.  You can also get some ideas about how to use the other readings on our site for communicative classrooms.   If you’re a teacher, we really hope you check out the lesson.  It’s free and available for download and printing or copying.   I think it’s well worth a look.