Dreamreader.net – FAQ

Since we first launched the site a few weeks ago, we’ve had many questions.  Here are the answers to the most common ones for anyone who is curious!

Question: Is dreamreader.net a company or an organization?

Answer:  Neither.  We are two English lecturers working at a Japanese university.  We decided to start dreamreader.net in order to provide quality reading materials for teachers and students.

Question: Who should use dreamreader.net?

Answer:  We designed it for students and teachers.   Anyone who wants to improve their general reading ability and comprehension in English could benefit from using the site independently or as part of a class.  Teachers can take their students to the site in a computer lab and ask them to do the readings online.  They could also just download and print the lessons and vocabulary worksheets and distribute them in class.

Question:  Is this stuff really free?

Answer:  Yes!  Everyone has free access to all the articles on the website at no charge.

Question:  Can I download the materials and make copies of them for classroom use?

Answer:  Yes, teachers or students have our express permission to download and print the lesson materials (including the lesson, quiz, audio, and vocabulary worksheet PDFs) for classroom use.  You may distribute them as much as you like either electronically or in print.   You may also adapt or change the lessons or materials to better suit your classroom needs.  Our Creative Commons license states that you must not sell the materials for profit or commercial use.

Question:  Will you be adding more content to the site?

Answer:  We don’t have a large bank of readings available on the site yet.  However, we are constantly adding new material to the site.  Right now, we are updating at the rate of 5 new articles per week (1 new article per level).  This may change slightly as we work on updating and enhancing our existing content.