Dreamreader and TOEFL

If you’ve taken the TOEFL test before, you may have noticed that some of our questions are slightly similar.  That’s because we’ve tried to provide materials and questions that are similar in spirit to the TOEFL while at the same time allowing for general comprehension reading.  You may also notice that there are more types of questions that are available in each level. For the beginner level reading lessons, we’ve tried to stick to the basics, which is why we’ve focused them on vocabulary and general comprehension.

As you get further into the higher level readings, the question types get a bit more difficult, which represents the broader range of questions you might find on TOEFL.  The question types you’ll find here include implication and title questions, which really test your ability to fully understand what you’ve just read.  If you’re coming to the site in order to prepare specifically for the TOEFL test, it might be a good idea to get a stopwatch and time how long it takes to read an article and answer the questions.  This will give you better practice to help you get accustomed to the time pressures of the TOEFL.