History Week is Underway!

Well, this week we uploaded five new readings on the topic of history!  Most of our articles focus on the traditional history stuff like kings and queens.  In the beginner level, you’ll find an article on Henry VIII, one of the most powerful rulers of England in its long history!  Our low intermediate article will […]

Dreamreader.net’s Extra Features

Dreamreader.net is not only a reading and quiz website (although you can use it that way) but also provides you with extra features to help you really improve your reading ability.  If you’re a teacher or student, you can download each lesson in a PDF format and print it out for offline study.  Teachers can […]

Dreamreader.net – FAQ

Since we first launched the site a few weeks ago, we’ve had many questions.  Here are the answers to the most common ones for anyone who is curious! Question: Is dreamreader.net a company or an organization? Answer:  Neither.  We are two English lecturers working at a Japanese university.  We decided to start dreamreader.net in order […]

A Look at Next Week!

  If you’ve been keeping up with dreamreader.net throughout the past couple of weeks, you’ve probably noticed the site has been adding lots of new content.  Next week, we’ll be launching our second update of articles since we launched and we’re really excited.  “Towns and Cities” week will take a look at some famous places […]

Pre-reading and Photos

If you’re using the site as a teacher and trying to find ways to help your students understand the various free articles, we have to offer, you may want to consider some pre-reading activities.  Good pre-reading activities have the potential to make the reading experience smoother and more fun for learners.  One of the most […]

Technology Week!

This week, we’ve added in 5 new readings (1 reading per level) dealing with Technology!  We found many interesting things to write about this time and we hope you enjoy these articles. In the beginner level, we’ve written about the development and use of sonar technology.  The lower intermediate deals with driverless cars, a hot […]

The Future of Dreamreader

First off, we want to thank everyone for visiting the site and checking it out and sharing it with friends. You may have noticed that we have 25 readings available online right now but that’s only the beginning.  We’ll be regularly updating the site every two weeks with new reading lessons and materials in each […]

10 Study Tips for Using Dreamreader

You may be just starting to use online resources like dreamreader.net to study for TOEFL or just to improve your overall reading comprehension.  If you’re unsure of where to start with your studies, here are a couple of things we recommend. 1.)  Before you read, try to think about what you know about the general […]

Dreamreader and TOEFL

If you’ve taken the TOEFL test before, you may have noticed that some of our questions are slightly similar.  That’s because we’ve tried to provide materials and questions that are similar in spirit to the TOEFL while at the same time allowing for general comprehension reading.  You may also notice that there are more types […]

Future Updates

You may have noticed that we have 25 free English reading lessons available online right now but that’s just the beginning!  We’ll continue to update the site starting from November of this year with five more readings per month.  You can look forward to new topics such as Money, University Life, and History in the […]