10 Ways That Reading is Cooler than Michael Jordan

If you’ve tried out our free lesson on Michael Jordan, you’ll know how cool he is.  But you know what’s even cooler?  Reading.  Yeah, I said it.  Here are 10 reasons why: 1.  Explore new worlds:  The only way to get real information about what’s out there is to read.  Reading not only gives you […]

Using Easy English Picture Lessons in Class

So you can see that we’ve got several types of lessons on the site and one of the newest categories we have added is “Easy English”.  As for now, “Easy English” consists of a series of articles called “Pictures”.  In these lessons, we supply you with a photograph and four or five questions about it. […]

3 More Ideas For Using Pictures Lessons

Last week, I talked a little about how I use our Easy English Pictures lessons in my class.  I think most of it was pretty straight-forward so this week, I’m going to offer up a few quick tips on how you can add an interesting “spin” to these lessons.  Today, I want to work in […]

6 Surprising Facts about Literacy

  1.  Illiteracy is still a major problem, even in 2015:  The World Literacy Foundation estimates that around 781 million people in the world are illiterate.  Around 500 million of these people are women.  Some studies have shown that functional illiteracy may be an even bigger problem than complete illiteracy, with nearly half the adults […]

Getting to Know Your Students through English Reading

Recently, I had the good fortune to witness a discussion on #keltchat about how to get to know our students better.  As a busy teacher with lots of students, this isn’t an easy task in a reading class.  Although I have office hours, I spend most of the time in there preparing for the next […]

The 5 Simplest Ways to Make the Best of English Reading

There are times when reading can seem like a real chore, no matter how exciting the content of it.  Ask me to read my favorite science fiction author on a Saturday afternoon and I’ll jump at the chance.  Ask me to read the same book in Japanese and I’ll probably take a pass.  We all […]

Don’t Hold Back Your English Reading

Experienced teachers of reading see it all the time – learners who spend lots of time with English reading but something seems to hold them back.   In this article, I’ll give some advice to keep learners motivated and levelling up in their reading: Pick the right reading content One of the many ways that readers keep their […]

How English Reading can be like a School Bully

Reading can be intimidating for anyone, especially first or second language learners.  Most of my students, if polled, would rather do an activity in class that involves any other type of skill besides reading.  They look forward to listening and speaking activities and even writing is okay – but for some reason, reading is viewed […]

How to use a “dreamreader” lesson in 6 Easy Steps

Here’s how to take a lesson from the website and make it interesting for your class!  With a bit of planning and preparation, you can make a great lesson using our material! Step 1:  Go to dreamreader.net and find an article that your class might find interesting or fun. Step 2:  Print out the article […]

A Facebook Group for English Teachers Teaching Online

If you’re a Facebook user, you can find many different groups full of people who are teaching English.  The greatest benefit of being a member of these groups is the sharing of resources, discussing problems and talking about solutions.  It’s amazing to see how teachers in different parts of the world are actually very similar […]