Death by PowerPoint or can PowerPoint bring a class to life?

It’s around this time of the semester that I get feedback from student evaluations from the previous semester. I always like to read the comments that students have written about my classes. The questions on the evaluation form are not 100% relevant to my classes because they are written for lecture classes and I teach […]

What is and how can I use it?

What is is a free website where learners can practice and improve their English reading skill. What materials are there on There are now more than 500 free reading lessons on a wide variety of topics and skill levels. What kind of lessons are on the site? The site has five different kinds […]

3 Amazing Videos to Raise Awareness and Get Your Learners Talking!

3 Amazing Videos to Raise Awareness and Get Your Learners Talking!

I recently posted a blog post on Language Teaching Professionals about three awesome videos to inspire your learners. It was very well received so I thought I would do another post about videos. Click here if you haven’t read that post.   Today I have chosen three more of my favorite videos that I show to […]

Are you driving disconnection with learners without realizing it?

  I recently watched this awesome video by Dr. Brene Brown on the difference between empathy and sympathy.     I really enjoyed her approach to a very sensitive and delicate topic and started to think how this could be applied to my teaching and how I interact with my learners. I started to reflect […]

Dreamreader's most popular lessons of 2016

Most popular lessons of 2016…so far!

The journey We now have more than 500 lessons up on the site and it’s still growing. That’s not bad when you consider that we started the site in September 2014 with only 25 lessons. It has been a struggle to research, write, edit, and proof read all these lessons, not to mention the fact […]

Favorite students

There was a recent post on Reddit Japan that asked what kinds of students do teachers like teaching. It was an interesting post and provoked some interesting discussion. If you are interested you can read it here. It made me not only think about the kinds of students I most enjoy teaching but what were my thoughts […]

The Pepsi Challenge – A fun speaking activity

Do any of you remember the Pepsi Challenge? This is the challenge where Pepsi would set up a table with two plain cups. One would contain Pepsi and the other Coca-Cola. Members of the public would then take a blind taste test. The Pepsi rep would then reveal the contents of the cups and the […]

Background music in class

Do you play background music in class? If yes, what kinds of music do you play? I’m curious to hear what others are doing and share my experiences with background music. A few years ago, I taught at a university with a very charismatic teacher. He was extremely popular with his students and his students […]

Learn how to write a high quality reading for your learners

One of the main reasons I started was because I struggled to find free high quality graded readings. At the time, I was teaching a reading course and wanted to supplement the assigned materials with interesting and engaging readings at the right level for the learners. The lack of free materials made me decide to write […]